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Nayon is an apparel company that aims to create meaningful connections and build a strong sense of community among its customers by providing high-quality clothing while supporting Nicaraguan and Filipino communities in need.

Nayon is a Tagalog word which directly translates to community.

The co-founders Luis and Deanne grew up in Managua, Nicaragua and San Jacinto, Philippines respectively. They aim to give back to the places they call home.

Campaigns run with specific goals that varies according to the community's needs.
We donate percentages of our profits to a chosen group or organization from Nicaragua and the Philippines during a campaign’s duration.
We aim to raise awareness on the issues being faced by the people in the countries we grew up in while providing as much support as we can.

Help support our advocacy. We are a community. Together, we are Nayon.

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    • Deanne and Luis, you guys are incredible and I admire you guys for taking the initiative to do something amazing while also giving back. You guys make me proud! lots of love

      Rebecca Argeñal

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